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Students are unique individuals each with their own set of talents, interests and accomplishments. Colleges are also unique, each with their own personalities, strengths and focus. A beautiful thing happens when a student finds his match in a school; a place where he feels most at home, and where he can become his own person. Some students crave a sense of community, others anonymity; some a place of high energy and political and social activism, others a quiet intellectual haven. Finding the right college is not an exact science, but discovering yourself and what you are looking for in a school can most often take you to the right place. Self discovery is often a result of professional guidance. At College Connection, we question, probe, listen and suggest as the student comes to realize his own story.

The college selection and application process is an opportunity for students to exert their independence in a safe, nurturing environment. Developmentally, these are the years when the self-concept emerges and begins to mature; when students begin to define themselves in terms separate from their parents. We feel that it is important that the student take control of selecting (within boundaries, of course) and applying to colleges and universities. They are to be responsible for researching a short list of schools that will meet their academic needs and social preferences and then narrowing that list to a manageable number for application – all with expert guidance. Each student will write their own essays, complete their own applications and tell their own story, again, with guidance.

Parents and often the extended family will be involved by giving sage advice and acting as another gentle guiding force, however, the students who take on and complete the process themselves are ultimately the happiest when it comes time to move on to another phase of their lives. Reflecting on who you are and discovering what you want from life are invaluable lessons that can be a by product of the college search.

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Samia Ferraro, M.Ed (known as Samie by her clients) has been advising students and their families as an independent college counselor for 15 years. Her earlier experiences as a high school classroom teacher, dean of students and International Baccalaureate coordinator have given her the skills to connect with students and the knowledge to help them navigate the increasingly complex maze of college admissions.

Samie has personally visited hundreds of colleges and universities to give students her first hand impressions of these schools. She has met with directors and counselors of admission to get a glimpse into the admissions process from the insiders. Along with professional annual conferences of the Higher Education Counselors Association (HECA), and Southern Association of College Admissions Counselors (SACAC), she has completed professional development through The Independent Educational Counselor Association (ICEA), and The Harvard Summer Institute for College Admissions Counselors and has earned a Certification in College Admissions Counseling from UCLA.

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